File Joiner 2.3.4 - File Joiner adalah sebuah software yang berfungsi untuk menggabungkan beberapa file menjadi satu.

  • Fitur :

auto sorting (numerical sorting (.001, .002) or full path sorting)
auto loading consecutive parts when you open or drag&drop file with extension .001
auto output file path generator (file "c:\test.avi.001" will generate output file path "c:\test.avi")
faster joining with option to append all files to first file
MD5 and CRC32 hash calculation for output file
full UNICODE support
loading files from folder and recursive loading from sub-folders
option to associate extension .001 in windows explorer, so you can load files by double clicking the file (not portable)
progress bar to monitor the join operation (also Windows 7 progress bar in taskbar)
portable (no installation needed, no need for .net or runtime library's of any kind)

Download : Disini
License : Freeware
Size : 91 KB
Os : Windows Xp/Vista/7/8


4 Responses to "File Joiner 2.3.4"

  1. kurang paham nih penjelasannya, pake bhs inggris sih hehe

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